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Kopy WordPress Theme

A quick, few steps overview tour revealing the main theme features and functionality.
Have a look what you can expect under the hood before continuing to the theme preview itself.



Various Blog Styles

Full-width, Masonry (2-3 Cols), Classic

Kopy does not leave you with one Blog layout only, but provides a possibility to choose between artistic or more conservative layout and further enhance it.


Customizable Page Layouts

100% Full-Width Boxed / Unboxed, Custom Width Boxed / Unboxed

Whether you like 100% wide designs or boxed ones with specific page widths, it’s a matter of a click with Kopy. The page layout and the look & feel can be controlled comfortably from the back administration.


Customized Pages

Author / Authors Page, Password Protected Page, Customizable Category / Tag Page

We made sure to style all blog related pages to ensure they all look beautiful and in sync with the whole look and feel of the theme. Whether its an Author detail page, Category or Tag page, they will all look awesome!


Other Features

Many Features and Shortcodes, Highly Customizable

Creating any page layout is extremely easy with Kopy’s built in Page Builder. Tenths of page elements are ready for you to assemble beautiful content and tweak their colors and details to perfection. Just try it yourself.


Let’s have a look at how Kopy really looks like

Vuelta a la tortilla Blog de viajes y cosas bonitas . Todas las fotos, ilustraciones y videos son hechas por nuestras propias manos. Si quieres utilizar alguna escríbenos, ayudemos a crear un mundo más amable :)